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Heidi Klum Birkenstock Sandals

Unique collection of footwear designed by super model

Styled by Heidi Klum. At home on international catwalks and at fashion premieres – and on your very own catwalk. Heidi Klum – this name not only stands for Germany’s most famous topmodel, but also for exclusive topmodels made by Birkenstock and Papillio. The international star personally designs and fashions each sandal, each clog and each sneaker of her very own collection. From buckle to sole here’s where you find true art and design objects with unparalleled comfort. You have the choice between the collections "Birkenstock styled by Heidi Klum" and "Heidi Klum by Papillio".

Heidi Klum Birkenstock Sandals

Heidi Klum Birkenstock sandals - Bikita

  Heidi Klum Birkenstock sandals - Callista

  Heidi Klum Birkenstock sandals - Jamila

Heidi Klum Birkenstock sandals - Kito

  Heidi Klum Birkenstock sandals - Lisha

  Heidi Klum Birkenstock sandals - Malaika

Heidi Klum sandals - Malindi

  Heidi Klum sandals - Mikal

  Heidi Klum sandals - Nadira

Heidi Klum sandals - Nala

  Heidi Klum sandals - Star

  Heidi Klum sandals - sapphire

Sandals - Crystal Exquisite

  Sandals - Loneliest Rock

  Sandals - Wall of kiss

Heidi' sandals - Crazy brick

  Heidi' sandals - Wild life

  Heidi' sandals - Sissi

Heidi' sandals - Princess

  Heidi' sandals - Diamond

  Heidi' sandals - Classic

Heidi Klum Papillio sandals - Papillio Heiress

  Heidi Klum Papillio sandals - Papillio Imperial

  Heidi Klum Papillio sandals - Papillio Lady



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