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Heidi Klum Breasts : Hans and Franz

Heidi Klum isn’t one of those women who refers to her breasts as 'her girls'. Instead she has given her twin assets male names.

The German supermodel revealed that she has named her breasts 'Hans' and 'Franz', as a tribute to her homeland.

"It’s been an ongoing joke for 12 years. When I began modeling I used to say ‘These are German breasts — one is called Hans and one is called Franz,’" The Sun quoted her, as saying.

The mum-of-three, who has been nicknamed ‘The Body’ for her stunning figure, recently became the face of jeans giant Jordache, after the company decided to drop British beauty Elizabeth Hurley for her.

Talking about the size-zero debate which has been raging in the fashion industry for the past few months, the supermodel and Victoria’s Secret ‘Angel’ also added that she wouldn’t starve herself to fit into clothes.

"I’ve never been prepared to do crazy stuff to be like a thin rail and fit into clothes," Klum said.

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Heidi Klum Breast Picture 001

  Heidi Klum Breast Picture 002

  Heidi Klum Breast Picture 003

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