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Heidi Klum Diet

Heidi Klum is a supermodel, a Victoria Secret legend, the host of Project Runway, and to new mothers – someone who is worthy of emulating when it comes to weight loss right after pregnancy. Heidi Klum made headlines when she lost 48 pounds and regained her figure only eight weeks after she delivered her son Henry. What are the Heidi Klum diet secrets?

The Heidi Klum Diet Secrets

Heidi Klum diet

The Heidi Klum diet is actually no secret at all. Anyone who wishes to know how you can lose more than 40 pounds in 2 months, read on.

For breakfast she had protein shake. This can also be dinner later on. Mid-morning, she ate eggs. Of course, she avoided the egg yolk. Without the egg yolks, she could have as many as 4 eggs in her egg omelet. Come lunch time, she ate vegetables, meat and a salad. Green leafy veggies like broccoli are a favorite. The meat consisted of a portion of chicken stripped of its skin. In the afternoon, Heidi Klum ate a snack of almonds or something equally light. Then at dinner time, she can have a protein shake similar to what she had for breakfast or she can have a small serving of lean meat like turkey.

The Essence of the Heidi Klum Diet

Of course, you don’t have to copy the Heidi Klum diet. You don’t have to drink the protein shake if you don’t want. The Heidi Klum diet will work for you – even modified extensively to suit your particular preferences – as long as you keep in mind these essential elements of such a diet.

First, Heidi Klum ate frequently. She did not starve herself; she did not refrain from eating when she was hungry. When you let yourself go hungry, your body’s metabolism will become sluggish. Instead of losing weight, your body will actually be inclined to store fat – thus, you will defeat the purpose of your diet. So rule number one: eat frequently so your body’s metabolism remains in top operating condition.

Second, the Heidi Klum diet is characterized by the focus on high-protein foods. Heidi Klum had eggs, chicken and turkey. She did not steer clear of meat for the human body needs protein. However, she did limit her meat servings.

Finally, Heidi Klum steered clear of high-carbohydrate and oily, fried foods. In a Heidi Klum diet, you should take in as few calories as possible without starving yourself. Thus, you should eat lots of leafy vegetables and fruits.


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