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Introducing Germany’s Next Top Model

Germany’s Next Top Model is a reality-based show hosted by Heidi Klum, the concept of which was taken from the America’s Next Top Model. Heidi Klum, acting as one of the judges as well as the executive producer of the show, chooses from among a maximum of 19 contestants vying for the prestigious honor of becoming the next top model for IMG. The competitiveness of the modeling world is such that a lot of women try out in the hopes of being a part of the modeling world. The idea of the Next Top Model was birthed by Tyra Banks, the host and judge of the America’s Next Top Model show, where the show’s success is evident with the continuing seasons aired on the television.

Germany’s Next Top Model

Germany’s Next Top Model

Germany’s Next Top Model basically revolves around 19 contestants and how they work both off camera and on camera. For every episode, one contestant gets eliminated, but there are some episodes where two, three or no contestants become eliminated. This depends on the panel’s consensus or on what episode they are already in. The remaining contestants after the first or second elimination get to have a makeover, which can greatly improve their chances with the competition.

IMG, the modeling agency, has already signed up Germany’s Next Top Model winners Lena Gercke, Jenny Hof and Barbara Meiser as part of their modeling team.

Heidi Klum Topmodel

The Comparisons

Comparing America’s Next Top Model and Germany’s Next Top Model provides a lot of differences. At the start of America’s Next Top Model, thirty plus semi-finalists are presented, and from there, they eliminate contestants until there are only ten to twelve contestants kept. The first episode of Germany’s Next Top Model shows how the judges came up with the contestants left out of 100 hopefuls. America’s Next Top Model usually challenges the contestants in front of the panel, while it is mostly runway walk in the German version.

The elimination in America’s Next Top Model happens in front of the judges and all the contestants. Eliminating a contestant starts with Tyra Banks handing out the pictures of those who did well on the challenge, while two of the contestants who are left behind come up together and told of their good and bad traits during the challenge. This is one way for the audience to know who did well on the challenge. However, in Germany’s Next Top Model, the contestants are placed back stage, and only one contestant at a time comes up to the judges and told whether they are eliminated or not. The judges do not specify the qualities of the model during the challenge.

The remaining contestants in America’s Next Top Model get to travel to another country, while in Germany’s Next Top Model, there is no specified destination or number of international destinations per season.

The remaining two contestants in America’s Next Top Model get to walk on the runway as part of the last challenge, and it is here the winner will be determined. In Germany’s Next Top Model, however, the three contestants have a series of photo sessions and a chance to walk the runway as part of their challenge, which is done live. This is done before the winner is announced.

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