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Heidi Klum and Seal are Expecting a Girl

Heidi Klum and Seal sureful seem blissful in their life together as they’re now expecting another adorable baby – a girl this time. They announced the baby’s gender on The Oprah Winfrey Show last May, much to the delight of the Game Show Host.

A Girl, Finally

“She can’t keep a secret”, said Seal when the happy news was confirmed. But though the baby’s gender was first unknown, the pregnancy itself was first revealed by Seal at a NYC concert last April.

Well, one thing’s for sure, Heidi must be really happy, because on her first interview, she revealed that she would certainly love to have a baby girl. Leni, Klum’s first and only child with Formula One boss, Flavio Briatore, is said to be happy that she would finally have a little sister too.

Leni is currently five years of age and is very happy in the care of her mother and her stepfather. But aside from her, Seal and Heidi have two more children – Henry Gunther and Johan Riley, both boys. So a girl would certainly bring some balance into a household that would otherwise be dominated by boys.

From the Womb and into the World

But it’s confirmed – the couple aren’t really “expecting” anymore because the baby girl came out last October 9. Heidi and Seal named her Lou Sulola, quite a peculiar name. Lou Sulola is, as the happy couple says, “beautiful beyond words”. And indeed, any child of Heidi’s is bound to be gorgeous. And who knows, eighteen years for now, we might have a beautiful crooner with Heidi’s looks and Seal’s talents zooming up the music charts. We’ll certainly be watching out for Lou Sulola.

So really, right now, congratulations are up for the couple and their kids. And we’re not just going to congratulate them not just for their new baby but also for their relationship.

Klum and Seal seem really happy with their new baby girl and also with their life together. While celebrity marriages are often wrought with much drama and instability, Klum and Seal’s relationship seems to be going very strongly. In fact, it’s going so strongly that these two are renewing their vows every year. They went on their fifth wedding on the date of their fourth anniversary, and they seem to be falling deeper and deeper into that blissful sort of love that married couples share.


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