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Heidi Klum on Instyle Magazine Cover

What People.com says about Heidi: "She's one of the world's most familiar faces, she hosts the hit show Project Runway and she's the doting mom of four Ė but above all else, Heidi Klum is a woman in love." Of course she is in love. We can confirm you that! :) Read this story.

Heidi Klum Instyle Magazine Cover

Speaking about her lovely husband Seal to InStyle for its February number (out Jan. 15), the cover girl expresses her uncompromising devotion to the singer Seal Ė from her decision to legally take Sealís last name, Samuel, to her resolve not to bat her eyes at other men. "I donít flirt," she says. "Itís disrespectful to your husband. I would never do that. Iím very devoted, and heís the same." This is very nice to hear, Heidi is very nice person and we can say that we expected something like that from her.. :)

Heidi described giving birth as "blissful"

To confirm their commitment, Klum, 36, and Seal, 46, hold an annual wedding ceremony and renew their vows. "We're still for a minute and stare into each other's eyes," she says. This is very nice..

With children who are 5, 4 and 3 years old, and another who is 4 months old, Klum also expresses her joy with motherhood, describing giving birth as "blissful." She said: "Everything is about love when you're pregnant,Ē she says. "The baby's being loved by you; the baby's being loved by your husband, by the grandparents, by your children. And you're being loved by everyone."

As stated, you can find Instyle magazin on January 15 and read the whole interview with Heidi Klum.


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