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Heidi Klum and Flavio Briatore

Age doesn’t matter when it comes to love – or at least, certainly not in Hollywood. So when world-famous fashion model Heidi Klum got together with Flavio Briatore, a Formula One big shot, few were truly surprised. It’s just another day in Hollywood, after all, and odd couples are hardly anything to gape at.

Heidi Klum and Flavio Briatore
image source: bbc.co.uk

The Blissful Climb

The two started dating shortly after Klum and Ric Pipino got a divorce in the year 2002. Flavio was 53 years old and Heidi was 23, but the two-decade gap hardly meant anything to these two. The first thing that happened then was a sudden influx of pictures. There were sightings – many of them – of Heidi and Flavio together on a beach. There were pictures of them holding hands, kissing, everything that a normal couple does. They certainly seemed blissfully happy. And it was only a matter of time before Heidi made an announcement that put her and Flavio in the headlines of most every celebrity magazine.

She and Flavio were going to have a baby, due in the coming Spring.

The Devastating Decline

And so, pregnant and looking positively radiant, life went on for Heidi Klum – that is, until a new set of photos came into circulation. Flavio Briatore was caught in camera in a lip-lock with the jewelry heiress, Fiona Swarovski. As if that wasn’t enough, Briatore proved himself to be a true Casanova and had an affair with Vanessa Hilger, a 19-year old model. Klum and Briatore split shortly thereafter, baby or no. What followed was a grueling battle between the two on the matter of where the baby would be born. Briatore was concerned that Heidi would give birth in America, as Heidi does own a flat in New York, and that all the rights would be shifted to her. But then, he really did have no say at all as to where Heidi would choose to give birth and eventually had to back down.

Then, six months into the pregnancy, Klum had more than successfully moved on from the blotched relationship and moved into a new one with the singer, Seal. She gave birth to Helene Klum on May 4, 2004 in New York. Today, it is said that Flavio plays no role in Baby Leni’s life despite the fact that he is the biological father. Klum has said in an interview that “Seal is Leni’s father”, effectively undermining any part Flavio may have in the child’s life.


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