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Heidi Klum Divorce

Heidi Klum and Seal are two personalities who don’t need any introduction. One is a top pop star while other is supermodel, actress, anchor, or whatever you say. Actually, both of them were in relationship since 2003, and they often be known as an ideal celebrity couple enjoying their mutual trust, understanding, love, passion, and a smooth going journey. But, gradually, something starts happening not known to either of them, may be their professional lives that keep them too busy all the way. Apparently, it’s the so-called “Serious Anger Issue,” that drove them apart. Anyways, Heidi Klum is always found her space in the news - sometimes for bad reasons though, and this time; she is in the news for concluding her fondly spent moments in her life– Marriage Breakup.

What the Serious Issues Were?

Heidi Klum and Seal both are known cine personalities, and both of them always keep themselves busy within their professional commitments, like, Seal is busy these days in promoting his new album ‘Soul 2,’ which soon going to be revealed in US, on another hand, Heidi Klum is preparing for the seventh season of much hyped ‘Next Top Model,’ that soon be launching in Germany. Their busy schedule and career hurt them from the back. Indeed, they both admit their separation but none of them agreeing to confront the issue of any differences between them. They still claim to be having friendly relations - but not beyond that!

Whatever caused them to set apart, some of their best marriage life moments will always be remembered by their fans, including their annual anniversary bash, which happens to be on May 10, 2005, alongwith their four kids; one of them is from Klum’s earlier relationship who later been adopted by Seal giving his surname.

Finally, both of them revealed it

According to some sources, their divorce was long pending due to the graduated distances that had been keyed in between them. Yet, there was no confirmed news about their separation, but Tuesday was the day of breaking news for every entertainment media personality; as Heidi tweeted: "Hi everyone, I want to thank u for all your support & kind words. Really means so much. Thanks again...to the best fans in the world! xoHeidi,” Seal also tweeted: “The End” along with a tattoo’s close photograph. It, immediately, unfolded to the whole social network like a fire, why it should not be; they’re the biggest iconic couple, and their separation breaks many heats altogether, and sadly; it was the end of their six years old marriage that took place in 2005 in Mexico.


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