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How Heidi Klum manages to be so fit in her 38?

One of the most famous top models Heidi Klum attracts attention and admiration for years with her dizzyingly long legs slender and flexible body. But behind this great result there is a lot of effort and hard exercise, and her longtime personal trainer David Kirsch reveals all the secrets of her flawless body.

38-year-old model Heidi Klum is a mother of four children, and one of her secrets is leaning and continuous running for them, also for ten years she continuously works with personal trainer David Kirsch who also helped Anne Hathaway and Liv Tyler to maintain an impeccable line.

Heidi and her trainer regularly practiced running and walking outdoors, taking a break to stretch. This form of recreation, pointed out David Kirsch, is an excellent way to strengthen your legs and buttocks, especially in fine weather.

Heidi loves to exercise outdoors, so every summer, she runs up to six miles per day preparing for the races to come. So this year she participated in the Run for the Summer for witch she trained with model Brooklyn Decker.

Although Heidi likes to test the limits of their endurance she is not a supporter of complicated exercise, but prefers the simple and effective training, says her coach. In addition to running Heidi is practicing yoga with her coach Russell Simmons to help the body maintain a slender and flexible, and in her free time she is always trying to take advantage of the jogging the streets of Los Angeles.


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