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Heidi Klum’s New Balance Collection

The star of the all time favorite hit show Project Runway, Heidi Klum, has once again bedazzled her millions of Jill-of-all-trade fans by opening a new collection with New Balance and Amazon.com. Heidi Klum, in addition to her growing collection of versatile, fun, funky and extremely fashionable maternity clothes line, has opened up yet another avenue for women all over the world to rave about. She now sets her heart towards conquering the sportswear arena for women who are chic, versatile and on-the-go.

Heidi Klum’s New Balance Collection - HKNB
image source: fitceleb.com

HKNB Accessibility to Women Everywhere

Heidi Klum has set things straight for women who are always on the go by releasing this fresh, fun and stylish collection. As a model, a wife and mom, a host-producer of a hit show and now a major designer of women clothing, Heidi Klum understands that some women almost have no time to personally go to the mall and shop for clothes because of such a tight and busy schedule with work and family. So, as a fresh approach towards women’s favorite hobby—shopping!—Heidi decided to showcase her new line through amazon.com, an online store. Now, one can easily access her collection even when in the bedroom, drinking coffee downtown or even when she’s just browsing the net! What an easy and friendly way to bring her line to her market.

Affordability, Comfort and Style Rolled into One

The supermodel turned super-multitasker informs that her New Balance Collection will be chic, comfortable and affordable at the same time. Made of fabrics that are lightweight, soft to the touch, cool and comfortable to wear, her clothes would surely be a hit for multitasker women like her too. Heidi really knows what women want and need in terms of everyday wear because she fashions her designs according to how she perceives her wants and needs too. So knows that, like her, women today need to move up and about with everyday activities in clothes that would surely flatter and enhance their beauty.

Not only are the clothes easy to wear, they are easy on the eyes too. Heidi’s designs are made with style and fashion in thought, and as a supermodel and a producer of a fashion show, we can say that she really knows her stuff. Dolman sleeve tops, sweaters with hoods, ruffled jackets, and cropped fleece pants are just a few examples.

Her designer clothes are priced from $30 to $170. Chic, comfortable and affordable! What more can we ask for?

Check the collection here: Amazon: Heidi Klum for New Balance


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