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Heidi Klum will provide women online advices

One of the best-paid models in the world, Heidi Klum, decided to use her fame for a good use, so she will help women who have problems and give them advice on beauty, fashion, parenting, love and relationships online. Heidi Klum, German supermodel, who raise four children with her husband Seal, in cooperation with the AOL.com web site and production company, Full Picture Entertainment launched her own page on which she intends to give advice to women about beauty, fashion, parenting, love and relationships.

In press release 38-year-old beauty wrote: 'In this 15 years that I do this job, I got so many questions about various topics, on is about my favorite toothbrush, or how I manage to coordinate my family with business. So I wanted you to meet experts who have helped me, perhaps they can inspire you.

Women are looking for content that reaches every part of their lives, and currently the tips are scattered throughout the web. I made a place at AOL, where they can learn all- for women who are mothers, wives, workers, friends and all they can be.

Online venture Heidi Klum will be available later this year and It is only one of the projects on which the model works, reports FemaleFirst. She recently launched a line of perfume, and before that a line of clothing for pregnant women.


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