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Heidi Klum on Emmy Awards

Each and every year, the stars come together to celebrate the achievements of those in their industry – and they use this opportunity to dazzle people with their designer clothes and their brilliant jewelry. And Heidi Klum, bloated as she may have been with her pregnant belly, did just that. She was absolutely glowing in maternal bliss, with her strapless Marchesa gown flattering her figure, and her lovely face framed by her 90 cart collarbone-dusting Lorraine Schwartz black diamond tassel earrings. Her hair was done in an elegant classic up-do that accentuated her beautiful facial features. She certainly proved that pregnant women don’t all have to look like haggard whales in their final weeks.

A Hot Mom

Heidi was pregnant with her fourth child, a girl whom they named Lou Sulola, born just a meager 19 days after the emmy’s which was held last September 20, 2009. She was in the final weeks of her pregnancy and thus her belly was at its peak. In fact, she was well into her eighth month of pregnancy. But even then, she managed to look graceful and elegant. And what’s more, she managed to squeeze into that tiny Marchesa gown.

She even said, half-jokingly, that the great thing about being pregnant is that she no longer has to suck her stomach in and that she can “let it all out”. And that’s simply one of the best things about Heidi, she’s not pretentious at all and can freely admit to things like sucking one’s stomach in. It’s human and it’s endearing and it only makes the supermodel even more adorable than she already is. But even so, Heidi still looked incredibly gorgeous in her pregnant state. And her commitment to fashion showed in her more than gorgeous black ensemble. She’s how a true fashion icon should be – well-dressed, poised, and truly resplendent even in the most stressful periods of life and never giving in to the natural inclination to frumpiness.

A Happy Wife

She was accompanied to the emmy’s by her doting husband, Seal, who was looking fit and ready for fatherhood. He wore a full black suit with a subtle polka dotted black tie, complementing Heidi’s outfit perfectly. They both readily posed for the cameras, all-smiles, as they showed off Heidi’s growing belly. It was a truly touching scene, especially since these two seem to be committed to their own happily-ever-after, even going so far as to renew their vows every year.


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