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Heidi Klum in Victoria Secret 2009

Heidi Klum has astounded the fashion world once again with her great post-baby body as she hosted the 2009 Victoria Secret, welcoming five new faces into the “Angel” ranks as she herself is a member of. Being included in Victoria Secret’s Angels is tantamount to being considered as one of the top models in the whole world.

Heidi Klum in Victoria Secret 2009

The 2009 Victoria Secret event was held last November 19, 2009 in New York and was attended by some of the big names in the industry as well as the freshest and newest faces in the fashion world.

The Audience Favorite

The fact that she has regained her pre-pregnancy weight was enough to surprise all those who have been in the event as well as the onlookers. This clearly shows self-control in an otherwise determined and self-made woman. It was only five weeks ago that Klum gave birth to her daughter, and at the Victoria Secret’s event, she has clearly shown just how much self control she has as she emerges from the event’s set all glamorous, sexy, and elegant. Klum was wearing a half gown with a purple corset, with poufs of tulle accentuating the whole effect.

Known for its elaborate themes, it was no surprise that this year’s event was just as grand. The lingerie, gowns, feathers, fabrics, and what-have-yous were just as lavish as those that have passed.

It was Klum who opened the segment of this year’s event called the “Enchanted Forest.” As stated above, Klum was wearing a green corset paired off with a half gown made created by Jane Law. The jewelry that she wore was by Mouawad, and the shoes were from Guiseppe Zanotti. Her clothes selection has clearly made her the audience favorite as the whole place thundered in applause when she emerged, glittering jewels, puffy fabrics, fabulous body, and all.

Hosting Versus Modeling

When Klum gave birth to her baby girl, Lou, she was glad to do hosting for a while, instead of modeling. In an interview with CNN, Klum admits that hosting puts lesser pressure on her than modeling does, especially since she has just given birth. With a laugh, she jokes that there is less pressure hosting than sashaying your booty in front of many people world wide.

If you want to see more of Heidi Klum and the five lucky models who earned the right to call themselves Victoria Secret’s “Angels,” then you can check them out at the website of Victoria Secret specials.


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