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Heidi Klum Interview - Woman of Body, Beauty, and Brains

Heidi Klum is indeed a woman who has it all - body, beauty, and brains. Aside from these three Bs that most women wish to have, she is also rich in her own rights due to the many business ventures she has entered into and where has become successful. Plus, she is married to the most loving man, Seal.

Still a Very Simple Woman

Heidi Klum, although a very gorgeous woman, is still a very simple woman at heart. When she goes to an interview, she wears simple yet very classy clothes that not only showcase her curves and inherent beauty but also show how much of a down-to-earth woman she really is.

Not Just an Interview But an Advocate of Beauty as Well

In her interviews, Heidi Klum never fails to give important tips for women on how to take care of themselves.

Because one of the problems that women usually encounter when they get pregnant is the problem of bouncing back to their pre-pregnancy bodies and old routines, she gives them a very important advice. She tells them to look back to what they were before they get pregnant. If a woman is active and healthy before pregnancy, then she should not think that just because she already has a baby and some added pounds later, she has to stay that way, especially if she has less time for herself. In fact, Heidi Klum strongly urges them to become active and healthy once more so that they could go back to their pre-pregnancy weights much faster.

She has also given numerous tips on how to apply a makeup, especially if you are going to a formal and special event. Heidi Klum states that in choosing the perfect concelaer, women should look at their complexion and choose one which is a shade lighter than her natural skin tone. Furthermore, the concealer should be applied lightly over the area that you want to cover up, never too thickly, and follow it up with a light covering of powder.

As for the essential items that you should carry in your evening bag, Heidi Klum gives the perfect advice. Do not carry all that you think you will need during the event. Instead, simply bring your favorite compact powder and your favorite lip gloss that totally complement your features.

During the event, pictures will surely be taken, so you have to look your best. Now, Heidi Klum says in an interview that the best way to look good in a picture is to practice looking good in front of a mirror. Taking several pictures of your profile, she says, also helps a great deal where you can practice different poses and different smiles. This way, you will know the angle wherein you will look good, Heidi Klum advices.

Really, with any Heidi Klum interview, you are sure to pick up valuable pointers when it comes to your body and health.

Heidi Klum interviews in video format:

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