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Heidi Klum Jewelry Line

A trend among top celebrities today is to open their own clothing line, perfume collection, or jewelry line. They do it to supplement their income – a wonderful idea, especially since they already have a ready customer base. Their fans would usually lap up their products in a matter of seconds. It’s a proven and tested method of earning millions of money so it’s really no surprise that Heidi Klum jumped on the bandwagon and opened her very own jewelry line.

As Brilliant as the Star who Made Them

Heidi Klum Jewelry Line

Heidi Klum’s jewelry line was a Mouawad Jewelry Collection. It debuted on QVC, a cable shopping network, way back in 2006. They were all made of sterling silver as well as 14k and 18k gold. Her first run had 16 styles in all, each one meticulously detailed and exquisitely made. Fans loved them, and 14 of the styles were sold out just within 36 minutes of the debut. The Mouawad Jewelry Collection was so popular that Heidi Klum soon opened a second line about a year after, on April 14, 2007. Like the first, it was a huge success. Heidi Klum’s collection was met with much enthusiasm. But not everybody was happy.

All Good Things Must Come to an End

Soon after the second collection was released, Heidi was sued by Van Cleef & Arpels. They claimed that the clover shaped jewelry resembled another piece from their Alhambra line. Indeed, if anyone saw the two, they’d surely notice an uncanny resemblance – a problem further compounded by the fact that VC&A’s line was much cheaper. Heidi, of course, said that her piece was in no way similar to VC&A’s. She also mentioned how her company is a “small fry” as compared to the company that sued her, and that the said company probably had “thousands of lawyers”. It was an obvious hint that she was being oppressed somehow. But whether that’s true, nobody will ever really know.

Heidi did say that her inspiration was a Cathedral in Milan, Italy. The Mouawad Line and the Alhambra Line really were too similar, but then again, who knows – they might have seen the same cathedral! But sarcasm aside, the issue really did not come to a conclusion in the public eye. Heidi and VC&A just proceeded to settle their case outside the courts, narrowly avoiding a media circus. But while VC&A was all “business as usual” after the issue, Heidi was forced to close down her own line.

You can see Heidi's jewelry collection HERE.


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