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Blooming Pregnant Heidi Klum

Some women look their worst when pregnant. They look as haggard as the way they appear and feel, and the fact that edema goes hand in hand with pregnancy does not help improve the appearance of the woman or make her situation any better.

Only so few of pregnant women can pull off still looking as elegant and as beautiful as they were pre-pregnancy, and one of these lucky women is Heidi Klum.

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum is one of the world’s top supermodels that have ever graced famous fashion runways and catwalks all over the world. But if you are thinking that Heidi Klum is all beauty and no brains, you can never be more wrong because behind that beautiful angelic face of hers is a mind as sharp, as clever, and as shrewd as any businessman running a large company. Now, aside from walking down fashion runways, she also runs her own company as well as plays host and judge to Project Runway, a hit reality TV show where she is also an executive producer. To add excitement to her already exciting life, she is wife to Seal, a famous singer, and mom to three wonderful and beautiful kids.

On Being Pregnant

Like stated above, pregnancy never robbed Heidi Klum off of her gracefulness and elegance. What is more is that she was blooming all throughout her pregnancy. What is her secret that made her look as gorgeous as ever, pregnant or not?

Most pregnant women thinks that pregnancy is an excuse to eat just about anything they want, but with Heidi Klum, this was not the case. Although she ate whatever she wanted including French fries and cheeseburgers, she knew her limits though. You can still eat what you want, provided you eat in moderation only and not gorge yourself in unhealthy foods.

When women approached Heidi Klum to ask her about her secret in staying beautiful and sexy throughout the pregnancy, her answer, or rather her question, was an eye-opener. Instead of directly answering their questions, she bounced another question back at them that will really make any pregnant woman think - "What did you look like before you got pregnant?" What she meant by that was, you do not have to let yourself go just because you are pregnant.

Furthermore, a good diet and a good exercise regimen appropriate for pregnant women is one of her secrets. She also stayed active all throughout her pregnancy. If Heidi Klum cannot model, she was active being Project Runway’s host, judge, and executive producer. She also plays a very active role in her numerous business ventures all the while she was pregnant.

Heidi Klum pictures - when she was pregnant

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