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Heidi Klum Show - Project Runway

It is so rare to see a supermodel excel not only in the field she has chosen but in business and television as well. This is what supermodel, Heidi Klum, proved to the world. She has proven that she can be the best model there is. She has proven that she is not all beauty alone but has a very sharp business mind behind that beautiful face. And now, she has proven not only to herself but to the whole world again that she can be an excellent host and judge in a television show. Heidi Klum is now one of the brightest hosts and judges in television as she gives life to her reality show named Project Runway.

Project Runway

Project runway is a reality show that deals with fashion. The show invites fashion designers from all over the United States to compete and win the grand prize, which is the opportunity to show the winner’s own fashion line at one of New York’s prestigious fashion shows, the New York Fashion Week. This is the biggest break any aspiring fashion designer will ever need for a big career booster.

Heidi Klum as Project Runway’s Judge

Heidi Klum is the one of the judges of this reality show. Her unique sense of fashion style allows her to shrewdly scrutinize each of the contestant’s creation, which was based on a predetermined theme. She knows what the fashion industry wants and needs in a fashion designer’s line of creation, so her decision is always based on that keen awareness of what the finicky fashion industry will want in a new designer. Furthermore, her excellent taste in clothes makes her an admirable and perceptive judge that knows what kind of designs will work and what will not.

Heidi Klum as Project Runway’s Host

Unlike other hosts who can have a mean streak when they want to be, the way Heidi Klum acts as a host in the hit reality show, Project Runway, is proof of her good character. She can point out to a contestant his or her mistake without crushing the individual’s ego and ideals along the way. Furthermore, if the contestant warrants praise, Heidi Klum gives it, provided that the contestant really deserves it.

Heidi as Project Runway’s Executive Producer

The fact that Heidi Klum is also the executive producer of the hit reality show proves that the brain behind that gorgeous face is as sharp and as clever as any business tycoon’s. She knows what the people want, and as an executive producer, she gives what they want through the award-winning and exciting Project Runway.

Now, the show has been awarded a Peabody Award as well as a GLAAD Media Award for the Most Outstanding Reality TV Show. It has also been nominated for various awards.

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Video from Project Runway

Heidi in action...
Watch Heidi Klum at Project Runway Season 4 Finale


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